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Emergency Power Systems Upgrades

Custom solutions for upgrading any paralleling control switchgear and/or transfer switches.  Industry experts will work to design a solution which will increase flexibility and improve efficiencies in your system and will take responsibility from quotation through commissioning.

Modernization options include:

  • Paralleling Switchgear Control Upgrades
    • Add Engine-Generators
    • Replace existing control systems
    • Controls for Power Transfer Switches
    • Controls for Paralleling Control Switchgear including hardware modifications and software
    • Custom Controls such as annunciation and SCADA
  • PLC Programming and Upgrades
    • Modify existing PLC Program
    • Replace existing PLC system
  • Switchgear Modification
    • Add Circuit Breakers and/or Sections
    • Upgrade Power Transfer Switches
    • Add Distribution
    • Increase Bus Size